While many people feel the push to go to college, it’s also important to realize the importance of learning trades as well. After all, a college degree is not the only avenue to landing a good paying job. In fact, U.S. News ranked plumbers as the 7th highest paying job without a college degree, earning a median salary of $53,910 with the best-paid 25 percent earning $71,140 in 2018.
Slowly over the past month, Pennsylvania has been moving counties to yellow and green phases and allowing certain businesses to resume work as the spread of COVID-19 cases slow. While The Plumbing Works has remained open with strict safety precautions put into place, we will continue to follow guidelines set by the state to ensure the health of our staff and customers during this transition. Even though other local businesses will begin to reopen, it still remains a top priority to take all safety precautions to protect you and those around you from contracting a potentially fatal virus. Read below for tips to follow once businesses reopen.
Earth Day, an annual event held worldwide to raise awareness of the importance of adopting environmentally friendly behaviors, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month. What started in 1970 with 20 million Americans has since grown in both size and action.
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The spread of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic across Pennsylvania has forced Governor Wolf to order a statewide shutdown. To many, this also means weeks of social distancing and working from home.
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Pennsylvania winters can be very harsh and brutally cold, making you appreciate your home’s heating system. However, your system can experience a malfunction at any moment, not giving you advanced notice and leaving you and your family stuck in the cold. Not only could an out-of-service heating system leave your family bundling up in extra layers, but it could also result in additional and more costly problems, such as broken pipes, if it is not addressed and resolved quickly.
How Do You Avoid a Plumbing Disaster? A burst pipe in the home can have devastating — and expensive — consequences. Not only does it create the hassle and inconvenience of temporarily living without water and needing to call a plumber for repairs, but the water damage can ruin cabinetry, flooring, walls, and even seep…