Icicles on a yellow pipe at sunset .
As the deep winter months settle in, pipes freeze. Pressure can build up and burst pipes, causing all of the unfrozen water to pour into your walls, basement, or wherever the break happens. Preventative Steps The most effective way to deal with this problem is addressing it before the problem arises. Inspecting exposed pipes and…
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If you have a forced water heating (radiator) system in your home, you’ve likely heard noises coming from the pipes when the boiler kicks on for the first time of the season. These noises usually consist of bubbling and humming, but can be more jarring like a clang.
Sewer in the pipes of condominium ,No standard,No good design ,Causing water leakage
Older homes accumulate projects and present unique challenges. The wear and tear of years of use is especially important in regards to plumbing. Decades can pass between professional inspections, and when most of the plumbing in a home is hidden within walls or under floors, problems can exist without homeowners knowing they’re even there.
Boiler Facts
Boilers are a well-known method of heating a home, yet many modern homeowners are unaware of precisely how they work and the benefits of having one.
Save Money
Put an End to Rising Water Bills with these 4 Tips and Tricks There is no time like the present to start thinking about the future. House, kids, travel, whatever it is that you’ve been dreaming of, now is the time to start saving for it. There are many ways to cut back on spending.…
Home Remodel
Your Comprehensive Guide Indoor Air Quality and Home Renovation Survival If only home renovation survival were simply a matter of leaving town until the entire ordeal was over. Of course, the plain fact is that few homeowners in Reading, PA can afford to take off while it is happening. Instead, residents must live in the…