Is Plumbing the Right Job for You?

While many people feel the push to go to college, it’s also important to realize the importance of learning trades as well. After all, a college degree is not the only avenue to landing a good paying job. In fact, U.S. News ranked plumbers as the 7th highest paying job without a college degree, earning a median salary of $53,910 with the best-paid 25 percent earning $71,140 in 2018.

How to Prevent Burst Pipes

How Do You Avoid a Plumbing Disaster? A burst pipe in the home can have devastating — and expensive — consequences. Not only does it create the hassle and inconvenience of temporarily living without water and needing to call a plumber for repairs, but the water damage can ruin cabinetry, flooring, walls, and even seep…

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Winter Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Not only can the winter cold be uncomfortable for many when they step outside, but the season can also bring heating and plumbing problems indoors. As a homeowner, frozen or burst pipes, damaged water heaters, and clogged drains can be a huge inconvenience and expensive fix, but they are also common problems many face during…

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Why Are My Faucets Leaking?

It’s something you might not notice right away unless the room is entirely quiet—a faint drip, drip, drip. You tighten the knob as much as you can to stop the water from flowing through, but to no avail. Sometimes, when you tighten the handle, it actually gets worse! What if the leak isn’t even coming…