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Boilers, or furnaces, have undergone several modern upgrades to body style, internal efficiency mechanisms, and power supplies. Many homes still have heating systems centralized around a boiler system. If you are experiencing problems with your unit, contact us for service in Reading and surrounding areas in Berks County.

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How Often Should You Inspect Your Boiler?

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Since the workload of a normal heating boiler is radically shifted on the onset of cold and warm seasons, inspection and maintenance protocols should be performed at least once in the spring and once in the autumn.

During the spring, while boiler activity is low, corrosion and deposits can build up while temperatures in the mechanisms remain cool. In cooler months, the boiler’s activity and use can cause wear-and-tear that is only detectable after the atmospheric temperatures increase. A biannual inspection and maintenance schedule should be maintained on all residential and commercial boilers whether they are old or brand new.

What is the Average Boiler’s Lifespan?

Older boiler systems are made from solid metal parts and hard seals. The boiler bodies themselves will endure decades of heating and cooling expansion and contraction. It is likely that this type of boiler system will outlive its ability to be serviced. There are residential and commercial boilers still in use that are nearing a century in age.

Modern boiler systems are manufactured with high grade metal and PVC parts. The average lifespan of internal modern boiler and furnace parts is around 15 years. Corrosion and thermal wear tends to degrade modern units much more quickly. Their construction allows for easy replacement of internal parts, so the lifespan of modern boiler units is sometimes greater than that of the dwelling they are heating.

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How Can You Prevent Boiler Problems?

The two most important preventative measures for modern boilers are simple: use water additives if needed to prevent mineral scaling, and always maintain temperatures to prevent the boiler system from freezing. Mineral deposits and overwork due to ice are the two main causes of modern boiler system failure.

A boiler is an extremely important feature of any home or business. Each seasonal inspection or repair should only be performed by a licensed and experienced heating and cooling specialist.

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