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Backflow Testing & Certification in Reading, PA

Why is Backflow Prevention Important?

Backflow occurs when a contaminated source of water makes its way back into the clean water supply system. There are usually mechanisms put into place to prevent this problem from happening. However, over time, these mechanisms will tend to break down and stop functioning properly. This is why we provide reliable backflow testing and certification services for residential and commercial customers to help them remain compliant with municipal regulations. We serve Reading and surrounding areas in Berks County.

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Why is Backflow Prevention Important?

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Every building will tend to generate waste water over time. This will need to be handled properly. As the waste water flows outward, it will normally follow the right direction of piping. However, storms or malfunctioning pipes may disrupt the system. This will cause the backwater to flow into your clean water supply, which can cause a dangerous contamination issue.

In order to prevent this, most plumbing systems have been designed using certain mechanisms. Since these prevention mechanisms tend to fail over time, it is important to have them tested regularly. In fact, many communities mandate that these systems get tested and certified by an experienced plumbing team.

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How Does the Backflow Testing Process Work?

There are different methods to testing your backflow prevention device. In some cases, a visual inspection can be conducted. This may be done if the device is located near the surface or is easily accessible.

Other devices will need to be tested using more precise calibration equipment. This is an important goal for many property owners who need to make sure that their system is compliant. It may also provide valuable information about basic repairs that need to be done.

Should the backflow prevention device fail the inspection, we will provide you with options. You can have the existing device replaced, which may be appropriate if the damage is minor. Seals can be renewed, and new parts can be added to the frame. In other cases though, a whole new device will need to be brought in and installed. No matter what route you choose to take, you will need to work with a committed team of professionals.

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