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Contactless Bathrooms Installation in Reading, PA

From owning and operating a small business to hosting parties, backyard barbecues, and sleepovers, small businesses and homeowners alike experience heavy foot traffic in and out of their bathrooms. Now more than ever it’s important to keep our friends, family, customers, and employees all safe and healthy. While some people may be moving social gatherings to the backyard and small businesses implement social distancing guidelines and order ahead procedures, that still leaves how to make the bathroom a safer place to be. The Plumbing Works is here to help you find the solution with contactless bathroom options.

Contactless Faucets

Help create a contactless bathroom by installing contactless faucets in your bathroom. After touching various surfaces including door knobs and bathroom stalls, the last thing you want your customers and guests to touch are the faucet handles to turn on the water. All of those germs will transfer onto the faucet handle and it’ll be the first thing their clean hands touch when they have to shut off the water. Instead, consider replacing your sink faucet with a motion sensored faucet, so clean hands can stay clean and germs are less likely to pass person to person.

Complete Hands-Free Experience

If you’re a business owner looking to transform your bathroom into a complete hands-free experience, The Plumbing Works is here to help! Flushing a toilet in a public bathroom is filled with germs. Some people push the handle with the bottom of their germ-covered shoe, and some people use their hand. Regardless, that handle is touched countless times a day making it a high germ zone. Minimize touching and germ-sharing by installing motion sensored toilets.

Lights On, Lights Off

Some people may skip flushing the toilet and some people may skip washing their hands, but nobody wants to go to the bathroom in the dark. Some people step inside to fix their hair, and some people actually have to go to the bathroom. Throughout the day employees are entering to make sure the space is clean and ready for customer use. Every single person entering the bathroom needs the light and hits the switch creating another germy space. How can you rid the most touched surface in your bathroom? Install motion-sensored lights. Motion sensored lights prevents every single person entering the bathroom, whether it’s to check their teeth or use the toilet, from touching the lightswitch and spreading germs.

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