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Need to Replace Your Faucet?

Need to repair or replace your faucet or sink? Collaborating with a plumbing professional will make this process go smoothly. The Plumbing Works provides faucet, fixture, and sink services to residential and commercial customers throughout Reading and surrounding areas in Berks County.

Replacing a faucet or an outside leaky faucet is something that most homeowners will need to do at some point. Keep an eye on your water flow. Over time, sediment can actually build up within the faucet. This can restrict the water flow or cause it to pour out in odd directions. You may even notice that the faucet itself is beginning to rust after some years of use. These are major signs that you need to install a new faucet.

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What are Signs You Need a New Sink?

Sinks will also degrade in quality over time. You may notice that the sink itself drains slower than usual, leaving a pool of water in the basin. This may make it difficult to wash the dishes or to just get through a cooking routine each day. You may also notice that sections of the sink have rusted and are causing leaks to form. These signs indicate that it’s time to consider installing a new sink unit. This could be a good opportunity to revamp the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom.

When Should You Replace Your Toilet?

Determining when to replace a toilet may be more complex, since these units are typically more costly. However, there are clear cut signs that a toilet will need to be replaced soon.

Toilet units tend to struggle when they are breaking down. They may not operate as efficiently as they once did. Some of them will also leak at the bottom, due to corrosion or wear issues.

If it’s time to replace your toilet, you may want to consider installing a high efficiency unit. Our technicians can help you find the ideal unit that fits your needs and budget. Usually, our customers like to choose toilet units based on the gallon quantity that they use per flush.

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