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What are Signs Your Septic System Needs Service?

When your septic system suffers a failure, it can hinder your daily routine. Read on to learn more about common septic tank problems. For professional solutions in Reading and surrounding areas, look to your technicians at The Plumbing Works.

A sewer line that is backing up and overflowing is the result of either a clog or a problem with your septic tank. We can easily repair clogging in your lines.

If your septic tank is the issue, perform this simple inspection: Locate the tank and lift the lid. Check the water level. Is it below the inlet to the tank? This means there is a problem upstream, or at the inlet itself. Most of the time, the fluid will be above the inlet, which means the leaching system has failed.

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What is a Leaching System?

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Leaching systems are also called seepage pits, leach beds, or leach lines. This is where the waste goes from the sewage tank when the solids turn into liquids. The solids that go into the sewage tank are broken down by bacteria, then turned into liquids. The sewage tank holds about four to five feet of water. This water exits the sewage tank and flows into a leaching bed, where it’s absorbed into the ground.

Leaching systems will inevitably fail over time. Preventive measures will help stall this problem. When the system does fail, it will have to be expanded. Sometimes a whole new system will need to be installed.

Premature leaching system failure is often due to solids that are difficult to break down, such as lint, grease, and detergents. These clog the porous soil in the leaching beds, causing them to fail.

How Can You Avoid Septic Tank Problems?

You will need to periodically remove hard-to-dissolve solids from the septic tank. Chemical additives and bacteria added to the septic system will break down difficult solids, but this is not a proven method.

We suggest pumping the septic tank every three years in residential areas and once a year in commercial properties.

To prevent premature leaching system failure, here are some suggestions to apply:

  • Avoid pouring grease down your drains
  • Try not to construct anything or plant any trees over the leaching bed
  • Be conservative about your water usage

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